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We deliver expert support for various PLCs like Schneider Modicon Quantum PLC-140, Modicon Momentum, Modicon Premium PLC-TSX 57, Modicon Mirano PLC-M340, Modicon 984, and many more.

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PLCs have become the soul of industrial automation. Often, they are part of equipment that is expected to last for decades - and when they break down, they are difficult to replace. The key to countering these risks is to get specialized knowledge. guarantees speedy and attentive specialized knowledge. Whether you’re experiencing RUN LED flashings or CAN ERR LED warnings, our network of qualified PLC automation experts can assist you as you need. Get your Schneider Modicon PLC fixed today!

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schneider modicon PLC

Gunjan Shah

Managing Director

”Our bottle packaging machine is equipped with Modicon Quantum PLC-140 PLC. In the middle of a batch we had a standstill and were not able to start up again. The PLC showed a blinking ERR led. We never experienced such problems and could not find the cause. With the online help of a PLC support expert with filling machine knowledge we vetted the system and analyzed the problems. We have experienced that online support is fast and practical.” – Gunjan Shah

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You pay NO costs, unless a support request is made. We will charge you a standard fee of $25,- USD plus the hourly rate of our expert. For example: our common solution will take 2 hours of an expert rate (average cost of $30,- USD per hour) so the whole solution will cost you $25,- + $30,- x 2 = $85,- USD.

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What do you do when an RD LED or FIP LED is blinking? We can find out what’s causing the error, and more importantly, how you can fix it. We guide you every step of the way to make it as seamless as possible for you.