In an industry renowned for expensive service contracts, at PLC Support we do away with that entirely. Our platform allows you to get the PLC control system solutions you need – when you need them and at your agreed price.

For every service you receive, our pricing structure consists of a single standard fee ($25,-) along with the hourly or fixed fee of our expert. For example: our common solution takes 2 hours, at an average technician rate of $30 per hour. The total cost to you: $25 + ($30 x 2) = $85,-

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''Over the years I could manage to keep my machine running with tyrapes, ducktape and some boeresmart. Unfortunately my milking machine stopped completely and I can't invest in a new one right now. So my wife started googling and she found online support so we got in contact with this guy and he found out that the computer system was not a problem but we had some completely used up parts.

I don't know what he did, but without changing them my machine is working again. I hope I contact you again in the future if something goes wrong.''
plc support india
J.J de Witt
Dairy Farmer
“PLC support India offers an excellent platform that benefits both industrial customers during operation and maintenance; and experts in the field of industrial automation and PLC. The vast and multi-dimensional pool of industrial automation professionals ensures that every customer’s request will be addressed; while many and diverse opportunities are given for the automation engineers.’’
''After obtaining my first big sales contract things went really wrong. Our production unit stopped completely and from a machine bought in Germany with no technical support I was in trouble so I decided to search for online support.

PLC support India offered a technical support representative who guided me through the world of technic and in 1 hour the problem was fixed and the machine was even running better than before. I'm so happy with the final result and would definitely recommend PLC support India!''
plc support
Devesh Borundia
Jr. Sales Representative
"PLC support India is a great platform for troubleshooting/diagnosing PLC/DCS/DRIVES software or hardware issues by their verified and capable engineers. The best thing you can hire engineers 24/7 for immediate support at economical rates."
plc support
Farooq Ahmad
Engineering supervisor
"PLC support India helped us to solve a problem with our packaging line, it turned out the wiring to a sensor was faulty, due to damage caused by vibration loosening. This conclusion helped us with the other lines as well, the same problem was about to happen there."
plc support
Kumar Belath
Project Engineer
“Our Demi installation has a Siemens S5 system, it is very old but still works fine and hardly ever causes malfunctions. The system is no longer supported, fortunately we found PLC support India with experts who still have knowledge from the S5. This gives time to start planning a replacement with a safe feeling of support.’’
"As a concrete plant you are faced with many problems that must be solved quickly. In the event of a problem controlling the drives of our mixer installations, we received online support from a seasoned technician. The technician was able to support us in Hindi, this made communication faster and easier."
plc support india
Sandeep Kumar
Sr. Executive Projects
"Our technical staff was reluctant to use online help due to risks. Our eyes were opened when we ran into problems in the middle of a batch. At that moment we found out there was no risk: there is no connection with the system needed for online help. Our employees were guided and only had to share the information needed to solve the problem. We should have known this earlier."
siemens simatic s7
Abhijeet Dharmar
Controls & Electrical service
“Online help was new for us. We had a failure in our bottling line and our expert was not available. After searching for a solution, we found PLC support India. To our surprise we got support from a company which was familiar with the equipment we use. Problems were solved fast, online support works for us.’’