Our PLC support platform expands to the Indian market. Why? Read our story here

With our supportpoints.com-site, we have supplied our technical services for many years, with great success. Now we have launched our plc support in India to give best services. Technicians and technical departments from all over the world know when and how to find us to be connected with one of our experts (like yourself) to solve their PLC-related problems.

Our company policy, “for every problem, we have an expert to help you 24/7, no matter the time zone, language, or kind of PLC in use”, is as simple as it is complex. Our experts fix PLC-related problems with their knowledge and experience online.

Until now, we have focused on big companies with their own highly professional staff. Recent customer surveys have given our management new and challenging insights. With many more companies struggling with their technical services, we know we can help them! Therefore, we have decided to offer our services to a very challenging ‘new’ market, namely, small companies with or without a very limited technical staff or knowledge.

Based on volumes recorded in the year, 2020, we are pleased to choose India as our first target market. We have installed a locally hosted plcsupport.in website with the extension.IN., which means we can be faster and more dedicated to improving customer satisfaction. I am very excited to providing plc support in India.

To help our new customers, we selected a few experts. They will guide the non-technical customer and help them with their PLC Issues issue(s). Our Technical Support Representative (TSR) will “guide” you throughout the process as we do today. You have no need to remove old machines anymore because we have the technical knowledge needed to fix them. We know we can extend the life cycle by coming up with “easy solutions”. Let’s spread our message even further and give more companies the opportunity to extend the life of their machines.

Interested? Visit our platform plcsupport.in for more information or reach out to us via our chat widget on our homepage and we will be happy to assist you in the process.

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