Announcement: we added bus systems to our support

Bus connections are commonly used in PLC systems. As SupportPoints we received questions about the PLC support of these systems, that’s why we added this to our portfolio. We support both older and more recent types of bus systems just as we do for PLCs. We expect to be able to meet the customer’s wishes even better.

The following type of bus systems added in support:

  • Foundation Fieldbus – version H1 or HSE
  • Profibus – version Profibus DP or profibus PA
  • Profinet – version profinet IO or profinet IRT
  • Sercos – version sercos 1, 2 & 3 or Sercos interface
  • Ethernet / IP (Rockwell) – Internet IP / ControlNet / Devicenet
  • Interbus
  • Hart
  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus
  • Controlnet

We have been able to add another topic that is important for many of you: Bus connections. To be specific, we support both older and more recent types of bus systems just as we do for PLCs.

We added an online questionnaire on our website where you can tell us about your experiences with bus systems and your wishes. At the same time we asked some of our customers to give us a few pointers.

The results were somewhat surprising: people use bus systems especially with the STBs and the TVs, but hardly ever for other devices such as lights or ventilation. The biggest reason is that they already have contact closures on these appliances and just want to control them directly with their existing PLC. In addition, many customers already have a control computer with Ethernet ports and don’t see the need for another bus system.

We also make it possible to use serial data transmission via Ethernet UDP/IP or Ethernet TCP/IP. This way you can easily connect your bus system without having to buy a new control panel.

As always, if you have any questions, just reach out—we’re happy to help.

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