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When a PLC malfunction or failure strikes, time is of the essence in a critical way. Our network of certified technical specialists can help you instantly and expertly, to identify the root problem of your faulted PLC and guide you to get it up and running speedily. Our PLC experts are hand-picked for their expertise, valuable support, and availability – ready to bring the solutions you need for any recent or obsolete PLC.

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Setting up with us is easy, free, and only takes minutes. Simply register on our platform, get access to a personal page, then fill in your company information and start posting requests. For guidance through the process, our technical support agent from the chat is ready to assist you. 

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From PLC automation problems to technical expertise with ladder logic, we have experts to help solve all your full form PLC problems. Simply “Post A Request” from the button on your personal page, then enter your machine system and the nature of your request. 

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Based on the type of your PLC / brand you will see suitable experts for your problem. To get second opinion engage with multiple experts directly – all from our easy-to-use chat feature.

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Once you’ve discussed your issue with a suitable expert and agreed on an hour-based or a fixed fee, we generate orders and payments automatically. Share your texts, documents, photos, screenshots, and films via chat so your chosen engineer can attend to you promptly.