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Malfunctions, downtime problems, and production loss can take you by surprise - and that’s when specialized support is needed and fast. We have experienced technicians who can get you up and running again in no time! Whether it’s for a recent PLC or a specific, obsolete one - such as Rockwell, Micrologix 1000, Compactlogix 5480, and other types* - our experts are ready to assist you attentively and speedily!

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Suhas Khan

Programming Engineer

“We have a 5 ply fully automatic corrugated box manufacturing unit equipped with an Allen Bradley 1500 PLC. The speed was not crossing 40mpm and frequent tripping of the NC cutter, with power and fault LEDs on.  We never experienced such problems and could not find the cause. With the online help of a PLCsupport expert, we vetted the system and analyzed the problems: an accidental coincidence can cause a lot of problems. Now we are back in production again at full speed!” – Suhas Khan

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Whether you’re in need of help with an OK LED flashing red for your Allen-Bradley Micrologix or any other PLC issue, get direct support using our chat function. You'll immediately be connected to one of our Technical Support Representatives.

*Just some of the other types of PLC machines our experts can support: Micrologix 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500, Compactlogix 5480, SLC500, SLC5, and Contrologix 5570.

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