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We are an online PLC support platform, attending to your machine malfunctions speedily and expertly. Our support model is simple: for absolutely any PLC controller problems with either recent or obsolete machines, we have qualified experts ready to guide and help you 24/7. Beyond our network of certified technicians based in India, PLC Support has a network of over 3,000 technical support representatives around the world – ensuring you receive timely, valuable help for your specific PLC model.

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Our Story

PLC Support is the brainchild of SupportPoints – a successful company based in the Netherlands, delivering years of PLC support to big businesses around the world. Brought to life by Peter Goeijenbier, a technician with over 30 years of servicing experience, and his daughter Loesje, they realized that within the global shortage for PLC skills, India was a market that stood out with its need. Focusing on small companies in India without an in-house technical team, PLC Support provides fast, efficient solutions on one seamless platform.

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Our motto is: ''knowledge is a commodity. Get it when you need it. You do not need specialized expertise in your technical department anymore - modern online tools offer access to them promptly when needed.''

- Peter Goeijenbier