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Having trouble with your ABB advant controller?

Are you trying to troubleshoot an error in your PLC? Have you noticed that the ERR LED is on and is blinking red? There’s no need to stress, our experts can help you! We provide online support for almost all automation systems, from old and obsolete models to recent ones - specifically ABB Advant, Advant controller31, Advant controller 110, and plenty more.*

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These things can extend the downtime of your trusted PLCs - keeping the OVL LED red or warning flashings ongoing. At, we can help you to reduce downtime risks with specialized online knowledge - use our global network of experts and save yourself from costs and losses.

*Along with industry-stand ABB Advent support, our experts can assist you with AC31, CP400, CP500, CP600, Sigmatronic, Procontic, ABB obsolete PLC machines.

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Vishal Kumar


“We had uncovered issues with our ABB Advant that controls our packing machine. This line worked for years without complex problems, but suddenly it stopped in the middle of a batch. As the first responsible operator, I looked at the controls and the ERR LED gave a flashing red indication. Our company has no technical department as we always solve problems ourselves, but this was outside our expertise.

We found on the internet, contacted them, and instantly got support from their Technical Support Representative. He was able to guide us as non-specialized operators to solve the problem. This online support gives us the opportunity to continue producing without a technical department or expensive contract.” – Vishal Kumar

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Whether you’re in need of help with an ERR LED on/red or anything other ABB Advant controller issue, get direct support using our chat function - you'll immediately be connected to one of our Technical Support Representatives.